About A Place To Call Home

A Place To Call Home, LLC provides seniors compassionate, high-quality nursing care and assistance in a loving home environment. The care provided encompasses a full range of nursing care, memory care, Alzheimer’s care, diabetes management, medication management, rehabilitation, respiratory care, and hospice, along with daily living assistance, laundry, cleaning, cooking, onsite and off-site activities, companionship, family involvement, and collaboration with medical doctors and therapists. Seniors, individuals, and couples are allowed to live a high-quality life with dignity while maintaining independence and integrity.

A Place To Call Home, LLC is owned and operated by a family of medical and business professionals. The custom-built home is warm, welcoming, spacious, and built to accommodate the unique needs of seniors. Each resident has an individual bedroom and bathroom, access to a covered patio for wildlife observation, and a welcoming living area. Seniors are giving opportunities to participate in activities, games, exercises, gardening, and delicious family-style home-cooked meals.

Advantages of Choosing A Place To Call Home

  • Owned and operated by an onsite nurse practitioner
  • Onsite second caregiver and resident manager
  • Location on acreage in a country setting with gardening and animals
  • Not many AFH (adult family homes) in the area
  • Professional website

A Place to Call Home Business Owners

Dr. Michelle Simmons, DNP, PMHNP, 22 years of health care experience in a wide variety of settings; nursing home, hospital, emergency room, outpatient clinics, home care, and hospice. Six years of which were in education, management, and operations. She has spent the past three years working as a Family and Geriatric Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in a community clinic and managing A Place To Call Home, an adult family home for seniors.

Bruce Simmons has 28 years of experience owning and operating a business specializing in sales, marketing, real estate, and health care. He currently provides direct care to residents at A Place To Call Home and managing daily operations.

Adult Family Homes

Adult Family Homes have shown to increase the quality of life for seniors, reduce comorbidities, hospitalizations while lowering the overall cost of health care. The alternatives are nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The nurse/caregiver to patient ratio in an adult family is significantly lower than nursing homes and long term care facilities. There can be as little as one caregiver for 28 patients, and it can cost a patient over $500 per day. An Adult Family Home has one to two caregivers for every six residents and can cost a patient an average of $150 to $200 per day. Adult foster homes are the premier choice for care and senior living by the state, patients, and their families.